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Tailoring iPad App Design to Your Standards

Our expert team knows how to make applications for companies that utilize the full extent of iPad big screen, and other devices’ capabilities while still following the principles of simple, but powerful design that has made iOS devices such popular platforms. We also share Apple’s commitment to stability and security in every business-driven solution we create so that we can help companies overcome barriers and develop the way they see fit.

iPad Tools that Create Value

There is a world of opportunity for companies wishing to break into digital markets and reach their existing and potential customers through Apple’s tablets. Well-performed iPad app design can revolutionize workflow within offices and unlock new audiences companies could never dream of reaching otherwise. The iPad’s multitasking capabilities and high-resolution display make it a perfect instrument for modern professionals who wish to keep up with the demands of the 21st century market.

Our iPad app design packages:

Custom applications · Enterprise Applications · M-commerce Solutions
Social Media Networking Software · Startups and MVPs · E-commerce Apps

In addition to development, we also offer a full package of support in the form of marketing and monetization strategies to help you create a solution to improve your productivity and make the iPad a reliable source of income for your company, all while adhering to your time and budget.
Benefits that Bespoke iPad Software Offer
iPad app and software development tends to diverge into two distinct objectives, though some companies are able to successfully merge the two in one comprehensive solution:
  • Equipping staff with an improved digital toolset to meet the requirements of their work
  • Impress iOS users and convert them into a loyal customer base
Companies seek our assistance in overcoming barriers to their success and in promoting their brand to a larger audience, which we are able to do by conducting results-driven development that places the end-user experience at the forefront of all we do. We focus on innovating and automating to better complete routine tasks in the workplace and create immersive experience that turn the heads of customers and competitors alike.
Our skilled, veteran developers can implement iPad functionality to
  • Allow for the processing of data in real-time
  • Automate routine daily tasks
  • Eliminate human error in computing of complex calculations
  • Safely store sensitive data for access by your staff anywhere
  • Securely share information across devices and geographies
  • Synchronise and optimize internal workflow and management
Improve your external processes
  • To promote your brand on the scale of your choosing
  • To improve communication with your customers
  • To keep users informed about updates and news from your company
  • To advertise your business and special events, campaign, and promotions
  • To allow your customers to reserve, order and access your full catalogue of goods and/or services
  • To conduct secure digital transactions anywhere
And we can do so much more. We continue to innovative and develop new methods to connect businesses and users and realize the full extent of how commerce can be conducted over this platform.

The Way We Work

We follow established methodologies in iPad app design and development that give us the greatest amount of flexibility and certainty in the creation of top-tier mobile application in the least amount of time. These agile methods, like Scrum, are built upon consistent and clear lines of communication with the client and allow us to take all feedback and adapt to any proposed changes to the process. Our staff conduct ongoing testing to catch and eliminate any bugs or issues in our projects as soon as they appear, and this in turn lets us guarantee our clients a flawless end product.

Communication and Transparency

Mockups, Maps and More

Our iPad App Design Toolkit

Coding a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Innovating with the Times

Testing for Quality

Other Services

As the client, you have full control over the course your project takes. You dedicated program manager will keep you informed of any updates and will be prepared to answer any questions or concerns you might have. We encourage our clients to voice their opinions, because your input guides us to an iPad application that meets and exceeds your expectations. This close contact, coupled with the extensive market research we conduct gives us terrific insight into the inner workings of your industry and your business so that we may create something that will address the unique realities of your field.

Working with us requires no background of any kind in IT, and we provide status reports and other deliverables that are easy to comprehend and highlight what is most important to you. Our creative team will work with any brand guidelines and representatives you might have before offering several mockups of the layout and aesthetic scheme so that you can decide the direction we should take. Apple’s Retina displays ensure high definition of all visual elements and smooth animations, so the graphic interface of your application is a key part of impressing users of these devices. Our iPad app design team places particular attention to:

  • A crisp, clean look
  • Simplicity in layout
  • Compatibility across devices
  • Connectivity that improves performance
  • Your particular company nature and identity
By keeping our focus on these elements we can retain and convert more users, generating more yields for your business from this platform. Each application is designed with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface so that no user is limited in performing their duties or otherwise using your application as it is intended to be.

Our design and development team relies on a number of powerful development tools that allow them achieve peak efficiency, such as Cocoa Touch, Interface Builder and Ulkit, all of which significantly reduce your time to market by reducing development times and the need for repetitive coding. Our staff also use instruments to improve cross-platform conformity to account for the many screen sizes and resolutions of devices like iPad mini, iPad Pro and others. We redesign layouts and restructure menus and organization whenever necessary to keep the same level of quality regardless of device, and continue to integrate new technology, such as the new iOS 9 feature, 3D Touch.

In addition, our team uses the Xcode environment and its associated SDK, frameworks and libraries to build a reliable end product that is stable and compatible with everything already out there. The developers at our company are all experts in Apple’s two coding languages, Objective-C and Swift, and are able to use them in whatever ways best suit the project.

Programming even the simplest of applications requires time and skills that not everyone possesses. That’s why the results we deliver are ones that everyone can appreciate. Our first major goal is to create an MVP. An MVP is the version of your application that includes all core functionality and is the absolute basic version of your solution before you begin adding further layers. It showcases the essence of your application and gives you a clear idea of the direction it is going, and that is why clients are invited to offer as much feedback as possible so that we can make any necessary changes.

There have been some exciting new developments in the world of Apple, and as we strive to be at the forefront of our field, we have identified the changes that bring the most value to our customers.

  • Slicing. Apple continues to upgrade both their software and hardware with regular new offerings. Applications in the App Store used to be consolidated and users would download the full application, which then ran the version best suited to the technical capabilities of the device it was operating on. This meant a lot of unnecessary storage, and that extra storage slowed kept the app from reaching peak efficiency. Thanks to slicing, that is no longer a problem. App owners and programmers who take advantage of this feature are able to optimize their application for the App Store so that users only get what they need, without the excess baggage, clearing up their disk space and boosting app performance.
  • On-Demand Resources. On-demand resources are a further method for reducing the download of unnecessary data. With the on-demand resources feature users only download content they need to get started to get started, instead of everything at once. As users progress through greater functionality, the App Store updates and adds whatever the user needs. Combined with slicing, this dynamic system can cut the amount of space an app takes on a device by up to 40 or 50 percent!
  • Bitcode. Users of iOS are familiar with Apple’s frequent updates and how much they can change the look and feel of the operating system. iOS programmers have always monitored these closely and had to respond to each update with a resubmission each time to optimize performance and design for the newest version of iOS, and until the app developers do that, users miss out on all the latest update has to offer. Bitcode changes that by automating the process and giving users the opportunity to see their apps equipped with the latest architecture and features without any delay.

Our extensive QA testing guarantees:

  • High-quality code
  • Attractive and intuitive interfaces
  • Peak performance
  • Resilient security protocols
  • Adherence to all industry standards

The testing we conduct happens at every stage of development. With each new feature that our programmers add or any change to the design we carry out a full assessment to make sure nothing is wrong, down to the tiniest detail. This repetition allows us to identify and eliminate any errors at the level they occur. That removes the need for us to do any serious reworking of our product later on and cuts down on the overall production time significantly while guaranteeing the same flawless end product.

We provide extensive support in a variety of ways beyond iPad app design and development. Many of our satisfied customers invite us to continue our collaboration in a number of ways so that they can best maintain and continue to upgrade their applications. Whatever size your company and whatever size your needs, our expert staff are fully capable of providing as much support as you require. We offer everything from consultation and general advice to full monetization and promotion strategies to make certain that the apps we build have the greatest impact and deliver maximum value.