Gordev: We Deliver Sophisticated iPad Apps for Businesses

Since 2010, Gordev was providing iPad software solutions for innovative entrepreneurs who needs professional assistance with information technologies. We started as a small group of freelancers working together for one joint project, and today our company accounts over 50 developers to serve our ever-growing customer base striving to make them happy with our products. Thanks to our satisfied customers and their word-of-mouth advertising our company also keeps growing and bringing to life more exciting ideas.

Our Values

There are several characteristics that help us to stand out from our competitors. And our values are one of them:


Our people is the most valuable resource we have. And Gordev knows how to maximize the efficiency of each team member. We brought together highly skilled individuals, set a common goal, and made them a fantastic team with excellent collaboration skills. And as far as your software needs regular upgrades to perform well our developers and designers also need to improve and update their knowledge and skills. So we pay special attention to investment into training, competitive benefits and career possibilities to keep our team motivated and enthusiastic about what we do. And when people are passionate about their work they go all out.


We work as if we were your in-house team because we believe that our customer’s success is the most important aspect of our success. We fulfil our goal when we share our skills and expertise with our customers providing them with efficient tools that help them grow and prosper. To achieve our goals to the fullest we work closely with our clients and keep to client-oriented approach. Even when our joint project is done, we are happy to prolong our collaboration providing maintenance and IT consulting services.


As top iPad app developers, we prioritize high quality of our products and services. Our Quality Assurance department strictly monitor compliance with corporate code standards and Apple guidelines ensuring stable and beautifully-designed software products which meet our clients’ requirements. While our team keeps to business ethics delivering the desirable results on time and budget.