Featured projects

Collaborative app
(a calling app for joint projects)

An efficient iPad application for better collaboration and sharing was an idea of one of our clients who has several offices all over the USA and wanted to find some way to improve his employees interaction during the joint projects. The app functionality allows to make a conference call with up to five participants and at the same time it display on common canvas to visualize their thoughts and ideas. Call participants can simultaneously use graphical tools, so they not only share their ideas in a visual way but also can add something or edit when it is necessary. All the notes and drawings are saved and can be viewed later after the call.

Drone Tracker
(an iPad application to monitor drones activity)

With drones getting so popular, airspace is getting full of these smart flying machines. Our customer, as one of drone companies, was interested in people safety and security of their flying devices and people. We developed an app that can help drone pilots to secure their drones and inform other pilots about your presence and current location. We integrated Google Maps to display the information in the clear visual manner.

(an online ticket purchasing system)

A sports center regularly holds some sports events of local and national format. Our customer approached us to create a web app for iPads which could help manage event tickets. We developed such app so visitors and sports lovers can not only purchase the ticket but also print it at home. Each ticket has QR code which is read on entry gates with the iPad app for the administrative staff of the sports center. The app owner is planning to develop this idea and provide this application to other event organizers for a monthly payment.

Family Chat
(video-chat platform for iPads)

Our Australian client approached us to build a child-friendly and approved by adult mobile application for Apple tablets with extensive multimedia features such as instant picture sharing and taking a photo during the call. Our team used P2P video-streaming technology to provide better image and sound and fewer time lags. The latest version of OpenTok helped to handle background mode feature. In the end. We delivered secure video-chat platform for iPads which can be used by parents to restrict children’s access to unwanted content.

(an app for food ordering)

We also delivered an online food ordering application for iOS to provide customers with better experience and simplified order making. Users can make an order, choose a delivery time based on user location, track his order status, rate a meal and get in touch with a courier. For courier it also provides several options including client rating, find client location on the map, and close an order as it is delivered.

(a complex project for streaming video and audio)

Another creative idea we worked with was dedicated to the creation of a preloaded external hard drive that can wirelessly stream HD video and audio files to different devices. The whole project embraced mobile, desktop, SmartTV apps and web portal for managing Loaded HDD media. We used AES Encryption method to cover data encryption and decryption simultaneously with streaming. We have already developed a Mac client and promo web site and currently work on iPhone and SmartTV apps. Such project can allow millions of people to stream content whenever and wherever they are.