Collaborate with the Reliable iOS Developer: Contract as a Guarantee of Success

For many companies, custom software development has become a classic approach, and the high demand of skilled programmers makes it impossible for most agencies to hire internal software programmers. If you are in this situation, our software development team is the most appropriate partner.

Working with Professionals

When you choose an iOS programmer, you want them to know your game. Our developers have gone through dozens of previous tasks, so they are the ones who have advanced experience on all issues related to iOS application development. As a true professional, the first thing we do with all our customers is to sign an iOS developer contract.

You can count on us because we promise that everything we do is completely transparent. You will never have problems:

  • Copyright
  • Rhythm of iOS product development
  • Estimate of time and money

We are always in compliance with the contract on time and on a variety of tasks and budget.

  • iOS
  • android
  • win
  • blackberry
  • html5
  • php
  • css3
  • python
  • js
  • Employee Availability

    In the area of ​​software program development services, there are usually three types of contracts:

    • Fixed price contract, precisely specified the scope of the task
    • Contract of time and materials, does not define the scope or cost
    • Agile contracts generally determine the price to some extent without a fixed gap
    • The most common solution for mature iOS developers is a contract of time and material

    This means that you will be hiring developers to spend the hours running on your project (usually per month).

    By signing this contract, we focus on:

    • Size and composition of the team
    • Transparency and tariff control were completed
    • Notice of termination of the contract

    Less intuitive is to ensure that the team you hire is able to continue working. Due to the high demand for their services, some iOS developers are tempted to reallocate some of their time to serve new customers or to help with dangerous tasks. When you choose our developers, they simply deal with your project, as long as you need answers or advice, you can always communicate.

    Rotation of the workforce

    Another common practice for iOS development teams is to rotate employees frequently between projects. This is to take advantage of high-quality experts in the first phase of cooperation and then advance them to the commitment to follow.

    This approach has both positive and negative aspects. While experts who leave your team can be replaced by the appropriate technical people, new team members need some time to familiarize themselves with the code base, which can also take more time (and money), especially if you do not have Robust documents.

    Our company follows a fixed development team policy. When you introduce us to a project through the project, we assign an iOS project manager, developer, and designer, who will work from the beginning of the project through implementation and beyond.

    Right to use

    When you hire an iOS developer for custom software, you will have the exclusive right to use the final product created by the team under the correct contract, such as ours. When it comes to certain parts of a product, in some cases our developers use repositories and reusable additives. These libraries and add-ins may belong to the iOS development company or an open source license.

    As a professional iOS developer, our agency has its own set of libraries that can be used more effectively when developed in advance. This brings incredible value because it saves time and saves money. In most cases, reusable libraries are not at risk of errors and errors. Our experts prepare a list of libraries and give you non-exclusive rights to use them.

    Be careful with Open Source

    It is a common practice to leverage open source tools, add-ins, and libraries when developing software. The richness and versatility of open source technologies have brought high value and, in today's reality, it is totally impractical not to use it. Our developers do not abuse open source, so you should not be afraid of a large number of licenses.

    Having some licenses with commercial use failures and incorporating them into your software program can be cumbersome and expensive. Even more dangerous is the copyleft license with a "virus effect". Any work derived from the copyleft job must retain the copyleft permission at the time of distribution, turning your proprietary applications into an open source, absolutely free.

    To protect our customers from this situation, we always discuss each technology to be used and avoid using open source software with a copyleft license. Using open source is also a great opportunity for iOS developers to easily separate code from another code. Our company offers contractual open source use.

    Object and source code

    Depending on the contract of time and material, you can expect a demonstration program every two weeks. When you pay every other month, the product shipped should be forwarded to you.

    Depending on the technique used in the allocation, the application can sometimes take the form of object code - a utility in which the user runs. As a user, you want to have this form, but you should also insist on getting the source code as well. The difference is that you can not parse or regulate the target code without difficulty, and you can do so with the source code. When working with our iOS developers, you get the object code and the source code.

    There are different ways to move the source code. Many of them use online software repositories like Github. As your developer, we use our account to add source code and share it with you. This is useful because you have no problem managing and purchasing the repository, and you have immediate access to code developed daily by your team.

    Types of documents

    No matter how small this program, there is always a good record. There are three types of documents that can be produced in terms of commitments: technical documents, user documents and project documents.

    Technical documentation

    Technical documents are the most valuable. The goal is to facilitate the development of an iOS programmer to understand how the code works. This is useful when new members join a team or decide the technology to use.

    Even if the team itself remains the same, the technical documentation can have an impact on the team's work. Writing code is a complex operation, and it is not uncommon for developers to spend some time in 1-2 months to understand their code. Having a human readable preparation will help you debug or extend the code in the future.

    There are two forms of technical documentation:

    • Online comments in source code
    • A separate repository (saved in pdf documents, wikis, merging, etc.)
    • Our iOS developer offers two types

    User documentation

    The user documentation is an end user guide to create ideas to help you learn how to use the product. It is usually composed of screenshots and usage examples.

    If software is to be distributed among a large number of users, it is always crucial to have user documentation that reduces training and ongoing support costs. You should keep in mind that today's software is often complicated and can not be used without extensive instructions. However, our developers have made iOS products easier to use so people can use them easily, regardless of the complexity of the features.

    Project documents

    Project documents are materials produced to control work during the life of a project. Access to project documents is crucial in terms of time and key contracts as it provides transparency. You are buying time to use, you can request the use completely transparent. That's all we're going to provide.

    Project documents can provide information to assist you. It has many forms, including:

    • Card design
    • Jira Tickets
    • Time recording
    • Burndown chart
    • Speed ​​information

    By contracting with our iOS developers, you can be sure that the team you hire will produce and maintain different types of documents. Technical documentation and user documentation are delivered with source code and work documentation is readily available.

    If we use online resources such as Jira or Confluence, you have the account specified in the contract, so your content can not be removed as contracted.

    Use more than 200 best talents

    A dedicated development collaboration paradigm is a good bet for business owners who want to enhance their development capabilities or enhance their in-house IT team with rare or specialized iOS programming skills.

    The DDC approach can benefit your business in a number of ways, enabling you to grow rapidly as needed, reduce development costs, and reduce time to market.

    While retaining full control of the business imagination and milestones, visions and deliveries.

    Enjoy unparalleled flexibility and reduce costs

    The DDC model is designed to drastically reduce its overhead, ensuring the seamless delivery of each business milestone. For the customer, this means:

    • No recruitment costs
    • There are no operating expenses
    • It is not necessary to pay vacations, sick leave, parental leave
    • No additional labor costs
    • No additional hardware costs
    • No late loss of market revenue

    Our benefits

    We have advanced, disciplined, and low-risk Scrum methods that make it easy to create and process long-term projects to ensure you get:

    • NDA and all related documents and contracts from the outset
    • Excellent task scalability and support flexibility
    • Excellent technical and management skills, including licensed iOS manufacturer, QA engineer and project manager
    • Full daily communication via email, Skype, video calls, presentations and meetings
    • 100% transparency and visibility support contracts, direct project access and job tracking systems such as Jira

    Let's talk about the contract

    Contact our customer department to discuss your plan and project requirements and our specialists will get back to you as soon as possible with a detailed non-obliged software development quota!