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Mobile Development Company: Bringing Your Creative Ideas to Life

We create apps that modify the world around, facilitate our daily lives and change the way we perceive mobile devices and internet technologies. Our expert strongly believe that the user should be in the center of any mobile development process and therefore strive to design first-class user experiences.

Guiding Businesses Towards Success

In the modern digital era new technologies are introduced every day, and our experts keep an eye on the latest trends, ensuring that delivered products meet the highest standards set by demanding users. We guide businesses through the ever-changing digital world of today, directing you towards the path to expansion and success. Over the years, we have delivered a great amount of successful apps for all leading mobile platform including iOS and Android that help customer companies prosper and appeal to users.

How We Work

A time-proven approach to software development allows us to create highly usable apps that accelerate business innovation. Make sure that your corporate data gets into the right hands - work with our reliable mobile development company. You guessed it, most popular apps that are loved by users and bring value to businesses require a lot of time and effort to design. We offer you a unique opportunity to take a look under the bonnet and learn about how we create beautiful high quality digital products.

User-Oriented Approach to Software Development

We focus on bespoke mobile app development that places the user at the center of the process and delivers visually stunning and efficient experiences. Our experts work hard to find the perfect solutions, turn the, into visually appealing designs and flesh them out in clear, bug-free code. The key to a success is in a talented and skilful team. Only an outstanding team with great collaboration skills and a wide expertise can build digital product of the highest quality. At this app design company, we carefully select every member of the team, who then goes through a rigorous training to learn how we work and share the experience with each other. We utilise the most efficient aspects of all modern approaches to software development including agile, lean and waterfall to ensure high quality, speed and cost efficiency of the work.

Strong Collaboration with Clients and Customers

Another key to a success is a close communication with clients - we establish a mutually beneficial partnership with every client, aiming at long-term collaboration. We keep clients informed about the development process through continuous feedback, workshops, regular meeting either through video services or face-to-face. Moreover, the entire process is centered around your target audience. The feedback provided by your customer and gathered by our business analysts lais the foundation for the app’s design and functionality, while you remain responsible for the decision-making and budget of the project.

Apps that Appeal to People

You and your target audience will be involved in every stage of the development process. You will supply us with your feedback, while users will interact with the app, revealing its weaknesses and areas of strength. To connect to your customers, you need to establish an effective channel for communication. Mobile development experts will keep in contact with you and your audience, analysing your wishes and assessing user behaviour to design a great user experience and reach functionality.

App Discovery and Feature Map

The app development process typically consists of two major stages comprised of a number of steps

  • Step 1: Target audience. We start collecting valuable user feedback from the very beginning. Knowing your target audience, we work to understand their needs, behaviour and areas of interest. Getting familiar with your customers at the earliest stages help us to create a customer-oriented end product.
  • Step 2: Discovering your company needs. Then we get to know your business process, competitors and discuss the purpose of your digital solution. At this stage, we learn about your requirements, research similar products offered by the competition and analyze customer behavior in your niche area. Ths step naturally derives from the previous one.
  • Step 3: Software Requirements Specification. Discussing the key requirements of the project with the representative of your company. After the target audience and business needs discovery steps are over, we proceed to planning the application. Designers and developers meet with the clients to define the final version of the requirements specification. You will tell us how, where and when the customer will use this application. In our turn, we will define the best technologies and tools to implement the required functionality into an intuitive interface. If you are not satisfied with the offer, we will go through all the steps from the beginning to make sure that the final products perfectly meets your expectations.
  • Step 4: Design. Combining seamless user experience with eye-catching designs. Our talented user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) designers work out how the users will interact with the app and design stunning graphics images. UX design uses the results of customer research, a part of which has already been carried out at the stage of the target audience, to create comprehensive user stories. Then the designers build wireframes to outline the navigation and the interaction between the screens. Working on UI design, the designers cooperate with the clients to ensure that the app keep in line with the company's branding, colours, typography, icons and company identity in general. At this stage our designers will also create status elements indicating loading, notifications, errors, etc. and combine all assets in a package ready for the development team to program. The designs created at this stage are not final - they still have to be approved by the client and tested by users, after which refined and optimised.
  • Step 5: Program. Expert developers flesh out the designs, building an efficient and usable app. Our talented team of Android and iOS programmers finally come into play. With the help of the latest technologies and app development practices, they will create a high quality app that exceeds your expectations. We will work in iterations, delivering a shippable product within short periods of time. Quality assurance managers will review every line of code to ensure that it is clean and bug-free.
  • Step 6: Testing. Honing your app to perfection. We never stop at average results - we strive to deliver product of exceptional quality, that is why even the smallest flaws have no chance of creeping into the code. We will ensure that your app is bug-free, stable, secure and, last but not least, valuable to your business. The quality assurance practices we utilise include user interface testing, unit testing, regression testing, unit testing, penetration tests, load tests and security tests. The continuity and depth of our testing activities depend on the project’s budget.
  • Step 7: Deployment. Getting the app to the market. Once the app has come all the way through our rigorous testing and optimisation on the basis of user feedback, it is time to let it out into the wild. Publishing the app in the leading mobile app marketplaces such as App Store and Google Play may be a challenging task, but we will make sure that it successfully passes the strict approval process and gets to the final users, fully optimised for visibility.
  • Step 8: Ongoing maintenance and support. We continually improve the app, making sure that it is regularly updates and evolves along with your company, keeping you ahead of the competition. In the ever-changing IT environment of today, it is important that your app stays up to date, incorporating all the latest technologies and trends as they emerge. Working with our development team, you invest into the market leadership of your business. A mobile app needs ongoing optimisation to stay viable and match user expectations, which tend to be pretty high given the high quality of modern applications available today. We react to change very fast, accelerating business innovation and meeting the demands of the most picky users. Our lean maintenance process ensures that any modifications and updates are coordinated with the client and implemented within the shortest time.

Our Clients

Over 8 years in app development we have build a great amount of hugely popular apps, all of which follow our key concept - the user stands at the center. We aim at creating products that users love, that engage them and make them want to spend our interacting with these apps. We have worked with internationally recognised corporations and small local businesses, never failing to meet our clients’ needs and expectations.

Work with Our Mobile Development Company

We create smart mobile applications for Android and iOS that bring value to businesses and consumers. Visit our headquarters in the USA, give us a call or send an email is you want to discuss your project. You can also connect with us on social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter - our expert will be happy to offer you a free consultation without any obligations.